Absolutely Trending Gravity-Defying Cake Decoration

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Gravity-Defying or Anti-gravity Cakes are very fast becoming one of the hottest trend and popular for events such as birthday parties, baby showers, wedding. So what is Gravity-Defying or Anti-gravity Cakes? This cake is constructed to appear as though it defy the laws of gravity through optical illusion cake decoration techniques. The Gravity-Defying or Anti-gravity Cakes will create WOW factor to the guests, adults or kids, and they will truly impress by this amazing cake.

Sharing some Gravity-Defying Cakes for your inspiration.



Source : Cake Central


Source : BakingMad.com


Source : Mike’s Amazing Cakes


Source : Angelic Cakes by Sarah


Source : My Cupcake Addition


Source : Nozeen’s


Source : Cake Central


Source : Truly Custom Cakery


Source: Cake Decor in Cairns


Source : Emmazing Bakes

tree house gravity cake http://www.thecakemakeryshop.co.uk/classes/gravity-defying-cake-class-17th-18th-19th-june-2015/

Source : The Cake Makery


Source : JT Cakes


Source : Kara’s Couture Cakes


Source : Ponquecitos and Cakes


Source : Pinterest

If you are interested to make Gravity-Defying Cake yourselves, there are quite a number of sites that provided very useful and helpful information. Here are some of them that you can refer to.

How To Make a Gravity-Defying Cake Guide

Payable to Learn How To Make a Gravity-Defying Cake

Youtube on How to Make a Gravity-Defying Cake

Gravity Defying Candy Cake by amerikanisch-kochen.de

M&M’s Rainbow Cake! How to make a Gravity Defying M&M Candy Cake by Cupcake Addiction

MAGIC CAKE Featuring a Pouring Milk Gravity Defying Illusion Effect by Cupcake Addition

Pancake Illusion Cake with Suspended Syrup Bottle by Cupcake Addiction

Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake by Cupcake Addiction

DIY Gravity Cake | Floating M&M and Malteasers by The PinProject

Gravity Defying Beer Can Cake – How To by Dalton Cupcakes

Magic Chocolate Malteser Cake by Cake Craft World  

How to make a Gravity Defying Heart Cake – Minnie Mouse Cake by Baked in Bunbury

Mother’s Day Gravity Defying Miniature Tea Set & Macarons Cupcakes – How to by Pink Cake Princess

Gavity-Defying Structure DIY

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